Tips for Picking Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: March 19, 2019


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets will always play its part to be the primary provider of space needed to securely store some of your most delicate kitchen tools. From your vintage plate collection, glass jars, cooking pans, etc. It’s quite hard to imagine a kitchen without some cupboards on it. While most cabinets are so durable that it can last a decade, some people typically decide on replacing their old but trusty kitchen cabinets for a couple of reasons. First is that they wanted an upgrade to the look of their kitchen, and second is that they probably just moved to a new house and that changing the cabinets might be the first thing that came to their minds.

Regardless of the two, it is very important for everyone to remember that replacing the old cabinets requires you to be knowledgeable of several pointers to be used when picking the best cupboard of your choice. And speaking about picking the best, two factors must be considered: design and functionality. But if you’re having some difficulty of whether a cabinet has the design and functionality that can satisfy your needs, here are four of the best tips for you:

  1. Consider integrated lighting.

Adequate light is a notable necessity that you need since your kitchen is considered to be the busiest part of the house be it day and night. This goes without saying for your cabinets. If you’re looking for something, it could be quite difficult to reach for the contents of a cabinet without any light to help you around. Luckily, modern technology allowed kitchen cabinet manufacturers to develop a feature called integrated lighting. When installed to your cabinetry, it allows a set of lights to be turned on anytime you open a drawer or a cabinet door. Pretty convenient isn’t it?

  1. Frame or frameless cabinet – the choice is yours.

Always be mindful that there are generally two types of kitchen cabinet design and choosing either of the two won’t bring any negative effects on your kitchen. It might just depend on your personal preference, but this is also a very important thing to have some thoughts about first. Framed cabinets can usually be applied on more traditional kitchen styles and are constructed in a way that the doors are attached on a front panel, exposing the hinges. Non-framed cabinets, on the other hand, are installed with doors that cover both sides of the cabinet without any visible hinges. Choosing between the two may differ in terms of hardware, materials, and door size.

  1. Pick the best combination of cabinet’s location.

Cabinets that are installed below are called base cabinets while wall cabinets are installed on elevated places as the name implied. Wall cabinets usually offer a favorable aesthetic view as they are within the easy reach of the eyes. The base cabinets don’t provide the same purpose, but it can always boast the maximum storage space for larger kitchen wares.

  1. Pay attention to your budget.

While picking a cabinet that has a lot of new features can be pretty tempting, take a look at your current budget before bringing it home. Obviously, some cabinets might cost a bit higher for every additional feature that you want. Take for example those built in the garbage bin and specialized doors and drawers.