Top Captivating Color Schemes to Use for Your Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets (Infographic)

Posted on: October 24, 2018

When thinking of a color scheme for kitchen cabinets, most homeowners go for safe choices like white, brown, and gray because they’re tried and tested to work on any kitchen style.

However, what if safe also means bland, boring, and makes you wanna yawn? Whoops! Kitchens are designed to delight and heighten the senses, not the other way around, right?

So why not try adding a pop of color to your kitchen cabinets? After all, two-tone kitchen cabinets are the latest trend!

Here are five captivating color schemes that you can choose from for your two-tone kitchen cabinets:

Top Captivating Color Schemes to Use for Your Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

White and wood

We all know that white kitchens are an all-time favorite. However, pure white kitchen cabinets look too plain and cold and are prone to discoloration.

Matching white upper kitchen cabinets with wooden lower cabinets won’t only add warmth and color to your kitchen; it will also make your kitchen cabinets easier to clean because darker kitchen cabinets are less prone to stains.

This color combo is also suitable for any kitchen style- from traditional to transitional and modern kitchen designs.

Butter yellow and wood

If you own a windowless kitchen that lacks natural light, opting for butter yellow and wooden kitchen cabinets will help brighten up the heart of your home.

Windowless kitchens tend to look gloomy and dreary, that’s why adding a bright and happy color like yellow is ideal. On the other hand, brown, the color of wood, symbolizes warmth and comfort.

That’s why matching soft butter yellow kitchen cabinets with wooden ones will make everyone who enters your kitchen cheerful and at home.

Orange and gray

Orange and gray make the best match ironically because they contrast each other. Orange is a warm and bold color while gray is a cool and neutral shade.

By matching orange with gray, you will be able to balance the ambiance of your kitchen.It will be captivating and laid back at the same time. Not to mention that orange is an appetizing color, that’s why it’s perfect for kitchens.

Plum and mint green

Plum and mint are probably the colors that you least expect- and that’s the point! Two-toning allows you to experiment and think out of the box.

Plum is a rich and sophisticated color, which makes it popular for use at formal weddings. Nevertheless, it is welcomed in the kitchen, especially if you like to give your kitchen a feminine vibe.

On the other hand, green symbolizes vitality and harmony, making it a great color choice for the kitchen as well.Choosing a lighter shade of green like mint, will complement the rich and strong plum color.

Lime green and wood

Another color combo that will encourage you to take a risk is lime green and wood. Lime green is a bright and citrusy color that symbolizes confidence and liveliness which can easily transform a kitchen from bland to grand.

If you currently have finished hardwood cabinets, you can simply reface some of your kitchen cabinet doors with lime green ones.

Colors, when used correctly are indeed easy on the eyes and can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh, new look. Transform your kitchen cabinets with us today! Contact us at (800) 581-0694 or visit our website www.kitchencabinetrefacing.comfor more color and design options and suggestions.