Unique Kitchen Cabinet Details You’ll Want to Try

Posted on: January 15, 2020

With the wide variety of options available for installing kitchen cabinets, it is now possible for homeowners to make their cupboards more personalized than before. In case you’re having some trouble thinking for some distinctive ideas, perhaps you can try paying more attention to the lesser-known details of kitchen cabinets. From the doors, hardware, and accessories, their collective appearance can provide a robust impact on the overall kitchen design.

Cabinet Details

Here are some of the unique kitchen cabinet details you’ll want to try:

Metal Mesh Inserts

Are you looking for a way to have the contents of your cabinets exposed without using transparent glass? Then you can try metal mesh inserts. This kind of inserts are capable of allowing you to see through the cabinet doors and can add more depth and intrigue to the whole cabinetry. What’s even more interesting about this transparent glass-alternative is that it can still look good regardless of your kitchen design – be it traditional or contemporary.

Furniture legs

You can add furniture legs to your kitchen cabinets to increase the elevation of the drawers as well as make it look more traditional. An ideal choice for those who are opting for a vintage-style or farmhouse kitchen. Moreover, furniture legs can also be customized in a way that it serves an additional function, such as a drawer for spice racks.

Contrasting Cabinet Colors

Gone are the days where people are restricted to the default color of the existing cabinet material. You can try a lot of things when it comes to experimenting with different color styles, especially when going for contrasting colors. Don’t hesitate if you want to their dark cabinets for your lower cupboards and white for the upper ones.


In case you think that your kitchen is lacking some elegance, you can have your kitchen cabinets installed with corbels. The ornate designs can look so plain, yet they can give a bit of luxurious touch for your kitchen design.

Copper or Brass Drawer Pulls

One significant benefit of copper or brass hardware is no other than its antimicrobial properties. Compared to other drawer pull materials, copper and brass are quite easy to clean, so maintaining their shiny look is no problem at all. But speaking about their aesthetic features, these drawer pulls are available in different finishes that can provide a stunning look, especially for darker kitchen cabinets.

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