How to Update an Old Kitchen on a Budget

Posted on: July 11, 2018

A beautiful and upgraded kitchen can do wonders for the entirety of your home, plus it makes all kitchen-related chores more invigorating to accomplish. It also gives you an eye-catching setting for when you throw parties in your home.

Not everyone, however, has dollars just lying around for a total kitchen makeover that calls for new cabinets, appliances, and structures. This shouldn’t stop you from achieving a new and refreshed look for your kitchen. Believe it or not, you can have a new and aesthetically-pleasing look for your kitchen even when you’re working with a few hundred dollars!

updating your kitchen on a budget

Here are some ways you can go about with updating your kitchen on a budget:

  1. Change cabinet hardware

Sometimes, even just a different set of handles and pulls can dramatically change an old kitchen’s look. It’s also one of the easiest and quickest updates you can apply to your kitchen — taking only a few hours at most. You can go from classic contemporary to eclectic modern even through your handles and pulls. However, do resist the urge to go for quirkier options like handles shaped like utensils or food. They may look unique and creative, but they can also lose their appeal rather quickly. You’ll want something more practical and fits with a theme rather than go all-out crazy.

  1. Swap out upper cabinet doors

Cabinet doors contribute to the overall theme and feel of the room, so if they’re worn down or needs refreshing, you might want to swap them for another style, glass-paneled ones, or frosted glass doors if you don’t feel like your shelves are display-worthy. You can also opt to ditch the doors entirely and create open shelving to create a lighter space and a more open appeal — plus it allows you to showcase your best dishes, bowls, and other accents to beautify the room.

  1. Add a backsplash

Backsplashes cover limited square footage, which makes this a cheap yet attractive option to spruce up your kitchen. Even if the cost appears to be over the top when you consider it in the store, you’re saving a lot compared to a whole-wall option. You can either opt for installing tile (which takes a bit of skill and careful work), hire a contractor to add some backsplash for you, or even paint a backsplash yourself if you aren’t confident with installing tile or have the budget for a contractor. Make sure you’re using at least a semi-glossy paint as it can resist moisture better and is easy to clean after.

  1. Get some new lights

Dull and outdated lights can add to the overall drab atmosphere of a kitchen. Stylish new pendant lights can add some modern appeal and become the new focal point of the kitchen, plus there are a lot of inexpensive options if you look a little harder.

  1. Replace the countertop

Refreshed or new countertops can make dull cabinets look more unique and isn’t gonna break the bank while you’re at it. You can paint over old laminate countertops using countertop kits that are inexpensive and comes with the necessary materials you need, search for laminate options that can look like the material you wanted your countertops to be, or even call in a contractor if you’re not confident about going this route yourself.

  1. Upgrade accessories

Colorful small appliances, rustic elements, pantry items, dishes, curtains, and everything else that goes on top of your counters or on your walls can all contribute to the overall package that is your kitchen. A limited budget can often mean that you don’t have much to spend on accents and other accessories for your kitchen, so it’s essential to make use of what you have and stylize from there. They can add a splash of vibrant color or tie up the whole theme well while still being functional, ensuring that your kitchen won’t be cluttered unnecessarily.

If you’re apprehensive about updating your kitchen yourself (as it can take some skill to pull it off well), why not give our services here at Kitchen Cabinet Refacing a try? Contact us today at (800) 581-0649 to find out more!