How to Upgrade Your Gray Kitchen Cabinets (Infographic)

Posted on: November 5, 2019

Designing your kitchen with gray-colored cabinetry is one way to highlight the goodness and elegance of classical style. With its ability to create a unique balance of warmth and neutrality, gray cabinets enable many homeowners of today to expand their choices when it comes to other aspects of kitchen remodeling such as the type of countertops, backsplashes, flooring, etc.

But if you’re looking to take the look of your gray kitchen cabinets to the next level, here are some of the best ways to do it:

How to Upgrade Your Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Combine Lower Gray Cabinets with Upper Open Shelves

Lower gray cabinetry can give more emphasis on the beauty of your kitchen accessories with the help of a set of upper open shelves. Letting the contents of the top shelves exposed is ideal for achieving a modern farmhouse look.

Additionally, the color gray has a unique and unorthodox harmony with wooden hues, which are generally present in open shelves.

Be Adventurous with Your Backsplash Design

Perhaps the best thing about gray cabinets is their neutrality, meaning they can be paired up with almost any kind of backsplash design you deemed to be fit for your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see which backsplash is the best one that will define your kitchen as a whole.

Install a Farmhouse Sink

Still confused as to what type of sink should you install for your next kitchen remodeling project? Then your gray cabinets can look pretty good with a farmhouse sink.

It doesn’t only provide vintage and rustic vibe, but it can also make washing larger pans, pots and dishes easier and more convenient!

Add up some Gold Details

You can spread the elegance of classic design by surrounding your gray cabinets with gold-colored kitchen accessories such as lanterns, faucets, and even the cabinet pulls!

Adding up some gold details definitely makes the gray palette more high-end.

Go for Gray and Light Green Combination

Step out of the comfort zone of kitchen design by mixing your gray cabinets with light green backsplashes and walls. It can be an effective way of giving off visual interest and relaxing appearance to the most eye-catching areas of your kitchen.

Flexibility in design is what makes gray cabinets an excellent option for many homeowners nowadays. Try out these tips and witness the real beauty of your gray cabinets!

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