Upgrading Your Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

Posted on: June 27, 2021

Do you have oak cabinets in your home that need to be repainted? Are your kitchen and bathroom looking dull and outdated with yellowed finishes? If you have been thinking of doing some cabinet refacing or are just considering it for your home, you may be wondering what the current trends are regarding oak cabinets.

Upgrading Your Kitchen with Oak Cabinets | Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Oak Cabinet’s Popularity

First, let’s talk about the current popularity of oak cabinets. Because this wood is so inexpensive and offers such a wide variety of color choices, it has become the most popular wood for kitchen cabinets in recent years. Oak wood cabinets are also very durable and can last for decades or longer if properly cared for. So, if you are interested in investing in a new kitchen, oak kitchen cabinets could be just the thing for you.

Oak Cabinet Stains

Oak kitchen cabinets can also be stained to help you achieve a different look. Oak cabinets can often be stained with a natural wood shade, such as an almost clear color, or you can choose a darker shade to bring out the wood’s natural grain. There are many stains available today, including a variety of stains explicitly designed for the wood. You can find a stain that will match the overall color of your kitchen, or you can choose a darker stain to make your cabinets stand out.

Refinishing Oak Cabinets

An alternative to the natural wood look of oak cabinets would be to have them refinished using a high-quality oil-based cover stain. This stain comes in two coats – a thin coat to bring out the natural grain and a second thick coat to protect it from water damage and scratches. An oil-based cover stain is much more durable than an oil-based polyurethane stain. Plus, these types of stains dry pretty quickly and only require a minimum of two coats to be completed.

If you prefer an even lighter stain, you can choose to use a wood conditioner instead. You can find many wood conditioners available today, including ones that are specially designed for oak cabinets. These conditioners will provide you with the depth and rich texture of natural wood stain while adding the durability of oil-based stains. Typically, you should apply one coat, let it sit for two to three days, then apply another coat. While it will still be slightly wet, it should be completely dry after one week. With a wood conditioner, you do not need to use a stain.

Another option when painting oak cabinets is to use a brush and paint. However, painting oak cabinets using a brush is not recommended. You should use a roller or paint roller and make sure that you are going across the entire surface of the cabinet.

This gives you the ability to cover the entire cabinet with your color of choice and allows you to paint in strokes instead of trying to blend the paint into the wood. However, if you are going to use a brush, make sure that you buy quality brushes with soft bristles so that you do not end up with splinters from the bristles.

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