Urban Kitchen Design Ideas for the City (or Country) Dweller

Posted on: September 1, 2021

If you Google the term “urban kitchen design”, chances are you’ll find a wide variety of styles, colors, and more. And you might even discover that urban kitchens don’t necessarily need to be in urban homes. Anyone can have a so-called urban kitchen, regardless of where they live, though they’re more common in city homes.

So, what does it mean to have an “urban” kitchen? Well, designers agree that the term casts a pretty wide net. Some designers say that an urban kitchen takes its inspiration from the “great outdoors”, but not the outdoor areas that you’ll see in the country, at the beach, or in the mountains. An urban kitchen gives a nod to the colors and life of the city. That’s why the color palettes of many urban kitchens tend to be grays, browns, black, and white or off-white. In addition, it’s not unusual for an urban kitchen to include some of the same elements you might find in an industrial kitchen design, such as brick, metals, glass, concrete, and wood. They might get their inspiration from local bars and corner shops or other things we see in the city that we often take for granted.

Nevertheless, they’re sleek and expressive but can be warm and comforting, too. The urban kitchen design is also usually characterized by wide open spaces, so an open floor plan is ideal for a kitchen of this sort. They aren’t the least bit enclosed but usually flow nicely into another part of the home, such as the family room or even to an outside area. As such, they are a welcome place for families to gather for meals or for guests to gather for brunch, dinner, or any kind of celebration. The more the merrier!

Interested? Consider these things as you ponder your urban kitchen design:

Eating where you cook

Because city homes are often smaller than those in the burbs or in rural homes, the urban kitchen design makes the most of the space that’s available. As such, many are designed so that you are cooking and eating in the same space. That means perhaps including an island large enough to seat the family when there’s no room for a separate table. Or ditch the island all together and opt for a showpiece table of wood or maybe even marble where you can sit and eat your meals. The table could also serve as a food preparation surface if needed.


Finding natural beauty

One complaint that some urban dwellers have is that it’s difficult to find nature when they’re inside their city homes. As such, many urban kitchen designs try to pull in some of the outside with options like skylights, new and larger windows, and even lots of fresh, green plants to decorate the space. If you absolutely can’t see any of the beauty of the outdoors from your kitchen window, bring it inside with the use of lots of wood. Wood is homey and organic and can be paired with other natural materials like stone or granite for a truly fresh look.

Maximizing storage space

Often, modern urban kitchens are short on storage space so it’s necessary to be a bit clever with open shelving and perhaps some concealed storage as well. You don’t have to stick with traditional upper and lower cabinets if there’s a layout that works better and provides you with more space for your “stuff”. Talk to your kitchen designer to learn how you can make the most of what might be limited space and where you can do something creative for storage.

It’s Okay to Blend Styles

While urban kitchens tend to be sleek and current, it’s okay to put a little of yourself into the plan. For example, if you want to soften up what seems to be an otherwise sterile environment, with its monochromatic palette and metallic accents, add a pretty vase or put some soft, flowery cushions on the chairs. Or maybe add a shabby chic spice rack or a vintage light fixture. Just a few decorative accessories can totally take the edge off the otherwise “hard” vibe of an urban kitchen and let’s you put your own stamp on the design as well.



If it’s time for you to spruce up your urban kitchen or if you want to take an older design and make it modern and contemporary, call the design experts at Mr. Cabinet Care. They have decades of experience in crafting mind-blowing urban kitchens in and around Southern California. They’re just a phone call or email away!