Ways to Avoid Kitchen Cabinet Steam Damage

Posted on: March 9, 2023

Kitchen cabinets are a significant investment, so one should take steps to protect them from damage. Many kitchen remodeling companies will agree that steam is one of the most damaging sources of heat and moisture to wood cabinets. Coffee makers, pressure cookers, and toasters emit this. This steam can quickly discolor and even melt your lower-quality cabinetry, especially if left unattended for long periods.

Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent kitchen cabinet steam damage to keep them looking great and functioning correctly for years. This can help avoid the sudden cost of another kitchen cabinet remodeling.

Keep Appliances Away from Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping appliances away from cabinets is the most effective way to avoid steam damage. It will also save your savings in the long run since there will be no need to replace the whole kitchen cabinetry. If putting them near the cabinets is unavoidable, try to install heat shields to deflect the excess steam that appliances produce.

Use Cabinet Friendly Cleaners and Solution

Another way to prevent kitchen cabinet steam damage is to use a cleaning solution that will not cause discoloration, leaving a film that can be hard to remove. The best option is to use a specially formulated cleaner safe for cabinets. Cleaning solutions contain a powerful degreaser that wipes away grease and grime and prevents steam from sticking to cabinets.

Ventilation is Key

Ensure your kitchen is well-ventilated, so steam escapes from outlets instead of settling on the cabinets. An airy kitchen will keep the moisture from accumulating on the wood and causing severe damage.

Maintaining good humidity levels in the kitchen is another key to preventing cabinet damage. Too high humidity can cause your cabinets to warp, shrink, or splinter. Reduce this by keeping windows open, turning on fans, and installing ventilation fans if you don’t already have them.

Consider Waterproofing your Cabinets

Consider purchasing laminated or waterproof cabinetry to avoid causing more damage to your cabinets. Laminate is a protective coating applied to the top of hardwood cabinetry, and it helps deflect water and moisture from seeping into the wood. When used regularly, your cabinets will be less likely to splinter or warp and can help increase your kitchen’s longevity.

The coating will also make the surface of the wood smooth and durable and helps to minimize the risk of scratches when preparing meals in the kitchen. To preserve your cabinets, wipe them down at least once daily with a soft cloth or microfiber pad.

Have a Steam Diverter

One of the most functional solutions is to purchase a steam diverter. This L-shaped pipe is usually made of silicon or rigid plastic tubes you can place above your instant pot or coffee makers or where steam exists to divert it someplace else in the kitchen. It would be better to also go for a decent range hood for a more permanent solution.

Last Tip

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