Ways to Child-Proof Kitchen Cabinet and Drawers

Posted on: November 16, 2021

Keeping children safe in the kitchen is of utmost importance. For this reason, using child-proof cabinets and drawers is an excellent way to guarantee that your home is free of danger and that your kids are not left in a dangerous situation while in the kitchen.


So, this article contains some child and parent-friendly ideas if you are looking for ways to child-proof your busy kitchen.


Customized Cabinets for Ovens and Refrigerators

 Kids are known for climbing, pushing, pulling, and hanging on appliances and other furniture. Installing cabinets made of child-proof material will ensure that your children will never be able to access these areas and risk hurting themselves or worse. There are many different kinds of cabinets made to be child-proof and available in hardware stores and through online retailers who specialize in these types of items.


Installing drawers that are designed to be placed over a desk are great ways to keep children from reaching dangerous items that might fall out of the drawer.


However, you should be careful when you choose the drawer’s design to ensure that the drawer is not easily accessible to children. For instance, some cabinets offer hidden drawer sides, which will make it harder for little hands to get at the contents of the drawer by pulling on the side of the cabinet.


Install Appliance and Cabinet Locks

 Aside from customizing cabinets for appliances, some parents use oven and refrigerator locks to keep their kids from opening these appliances’ doors. Stove and oven knobs are also stashed away when not in use.


Some cabinets have features that will protect the drawers from being pulled out but will not be labeled as having this feature when purchasing the items. Suppose the lock feature is not included when you buy a cabinet. In that case, you can have it professionally installed by cabinet makers near you to be sure that the cabinet is going to be appropriate for your children are around.


Do Not Leave Sharp Objects Around the Kitchen

 Leave not things such as knives, forks, or any sharp objects outside of the cabinets. You can store such items in drawers with locks to avoid further danger for your young ones.


Secure Cabinets on Walls

 When you are looking at ways to child-proof your kitchen cabinet and drawers, it’s essential to pay attention to how the cabinets are mounted to the wall. Many reports of children getting injured when a child climbs such cabinets or shelves; these things topple over them—fast.

So, the best solution to prevent such accidents is to anchor the cabinets, shelves, fridge, or oven to the wall.


Cushion the Table, Cabinet, and Drawer Edges
Another tip to keep the children safe is to put corner guards on tables with sharp edges to prevent head and body injuries when they play or run to and from the kitchen.


With these tips, may your kitchen be a safer place for more family time with the kids and the kids at heart.


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