What are the New Ways to Decorate the Above Space of your Kitchen Cabinets?

Posted on: March 23, 2022

In the past, you may already have seen various ways to decorate the top space of your kitchen cabinets. By now, as you glance in your kitchen, some of you may have stolen ideas in the past that you are currently using. 

The top space of your cabinets can be built with a specific purpose, like giving extra storage. If it is only collecting dust and clutter, maybe it’s time to upgrade. There are new options available to complete the look of your kitchen. Along with combining the ideas you got from the internet, your preferences, cookbook collection, as well as concepts from a cabinet refacing Riverside, your home can also be prime property. Below are some new ways to decorate the above space of your kitchen cabinets.

Hang those Vintage Finds that You’ve Got

If you have enough space above your kitchen cubbies, you can hang almost everything there, including those vintage and rare items you have found. This extra space would be great for these items, whether mirrors, wall clocks, frames with photos, or any cooking tools. It would even look more charming if it complemented your kitchen’s theme.

A Spot for Some Practical Items

Even if you think you all have all the storage in your kitchen, there would be times that it will never be enough. It may be that there’s not enough space for your paper towels or a weighing kitchen scale that does not fit your countertop or cabinet. This is where the top of your cabinets comes in very helpful. Display all the things that won’t fit anymore to your supposed storage while blending in a few styling pieces for visual impact. 

Make an Indoor Garden

If you’re a little adventurous and loves to challenge yourself every week, you can consider making an indoor mini garden on the top of your kitchen cabinets. The real challenge is that you will climb up to water the plants every week. If you have a green thumb, this is a good idea. By incorporating this, it would be better to choose plants that do not require a lot of sunlight. The low-light plants will add a vibrant and natural effect to the kitchen, creating a refreshing room.


Putting decoration on the above space of your cabinets also means that you trust the base of your cubbies. For starters, it should be well-built to hold the necessary items that you wish to put. To fulfill the primary purpose of the cabinets, you need to make sure that they will function well. Along with the styling above, you can create a more cohesive look if you reface your kitchen cabinets. 

The kitchen cabinet refacing Riverside is the process of replacing the skin panels of your cabinet to achieve a drastic new look result.  

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