Best Ways to Store Your Cookbooks [Infographic]

Posted on: September 21, 2020


Cooking is a fun activity, especially when you prepare dishes that you never tried before. With the aid of cookbooks, every culinary enthusiast can now have the knowledge to make a variety of meals that require specific ingredients, procedures, and tools. And since the kitchen is the main area dedicated to accomplishing your cooking tasks, you might want to consider seeking the help of a kitchen remodeling company to provide storage for your collection of cookbooks.

We have compiled some of the best tips on how you can display your cookbooks without going out of style!

Best-Ways-to-Store-Your-Cookbooks Infographic


Add some narrow shelving beside your fridge                    

In case you are having some trouble finding a space to host your cookbooks, then why don’t you try that small, neglected place at the side of your fridge? You can install narrow shelving in that area and see how it looks good with your modern-styled fridge.

A floating shelf above the sink

You can also make good use of that area just above your sink to store your cookbooks. Though make sure that the shelf is well-secured with dividers so the books will not fall.

A set of open shelves

Open shelving can be achieved by removing your old cabinet doors, providing the needed space for your vast collection of cookbooks. Not only it will make your books more comfortable to access, but they can also become your kitchen’s center of attention!

A vintage dish rack

If you want to store your cookbooks in a way that complements the classical or rustic design of your kitchen, then you might want to consider using an old dish rack. You have some visits to a nearby thrift store, and if you are lucky to come across one with ornamental decorations, then you can purchase it as your cookbook storage.

A corner shelf

Try to look around your kitchen and see if there is a particular empty corner that is ideal for installing shelves. Having your cookbooks in that portion of a room is not something that you normally see in most kitchens, and it also enables you to maximize your kitchen space efficiently.

A wall book rack

Book racks that can be mounted on a wall are highly customizable to fit your preferences in shape and style. Some book racks can enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen design, especially when you arranged your cookbooks in an organized fashion.


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