Ways to Style Open Shelf Cabinets

Posted on: November 3, 2022

In recent years, the use of open shelves dominated the kitchen remodeling industry. But with the changing times, it reverted to closed upper cabinets to keep dirt and clutter away from view. This again changed when kitchen designers combined cabinet designs to give a dynamic perspective in the kitchen. Open shelves are likewise utilized to add charm and visual touch to enhance a space.

Open shelves are a waste of space for other homeowners because they’d use them for better function than just for style. While this may seem true, style and function for open-shelf cabinets can be wound up together to achieve both. Here are some ways to style your open kitchen shelves during a kitchen remodeling project without sacrificing its primary purpose.

Selection of Items

Carefully choosing your items is vital in decorating such space. Keep in mind that open shelving is only reserved for aesthetic pieces like your colorful dish or coffee mug collection. Ensure that these are items you also use, so they get a regular cleaning. Never display old-looking or chipped items—keep them away or donate them to those who might need them. You can also add your favorite cookbook for a display to be within your reach.

Think of Purpose

For functionality’s sake, consider displaying items used for everyday tasks. If you love baking, you can make it a pantry where baking ingredients are kept in lovely, labeled jars. People who love coffee can make it a coffee corner and make that area a one-stop coffee bar. This will allow the eye to rest where your open shelf is located.

Decorate According to Texture and Scale

For a cohesive look, adding different textures and colors to the shelves can make the room look livelier. Shapes and sizes of kitchen items draw interest in the area. For example, adding patterned ice cream bowls and glasses will give your open shelves a more child-friendly appeal. Another is putting framed art next to a wooden cutting board so the space doesn’t appear too busy. You can also place plants on the shelves to add depth and character.

Consider the Season

Another way to decorate them is by lining them up with seasonal decorative items. During Halloween, orange mugs and pumpkins can be placed for accent. For the Holidays, evergreen boughs, candy canes, and holiday mugs may be a good idea. During the summer or spring, you can place vases of flowers on the shelves. You can also use open shelves to display drinks and drinkware. Make sure to select clear glassware to keep the shelves looking less cluttered.


Open shelving in the kitchen is a huge trend in design right now. It has made its way into almost every kitchen and is an excellent option for kitchenware displays. While some people love the open shelving, others are wary of it. But maybe, if they dig more into it, they’ll see how functional an open shelf can be in the kitchen.


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