Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinet Boxes on a Budget

Posted on: December 14, 2022

Regardless of the style, they want in kitchen cabinet remodeling, any homeowner is about the budget. Especially now that many internet-friendly hacks are available to help update a kitchen cabinet—just like this article you’re reading currently.

Updating the appearance of your kitchen cabinet boxes despite the rising cost of almost everything is possible. Depending on the degree of the cabinet boxes’ condition, there is a suitable way to refresh them; you can work on small changes without breaking the bank in a few different ways.

New life for Cabinet Boxes

When we talk about updating cabinet boxes, the first picture to enter minds is replacing them with new ones. But that is only sometimes the case, especially when you are on a tight budget. Read these tips and make incredible changes in your kitchen today.


One inexpensive way to update the look of your cabinetry is to use removable wallpaper, contact paper, or waterproof drawer liners. This hack will work well if you want to give them a new look while the cabinet boxes are still sturdy. These options can add much personality to your cabinets and are also renter-friendly. You can buy solid-colored contact paper to clean the cabinets, but use patterned backgrounds if you want more character in the cupboards.


If you want an update that can be more permanent than wallpaper, you can paint the cabinet boxes. This is a great way to drastically improve the look of your kitchen cabinets on a budget. The only downside is that it does not replace the old cabinet boxes. You may still see the quirks and imperfections of the old cabinets, but at least the facelift can be cosmetic.

Cabinet Doors Replacement

If your cabinet boxes are still in tip-top shape but have faulty doors or ones that don’t suit your preference, you can always go for door replacement. Replacing the doors is the simplest way to update the look of your cabinets, but it requires some extra work. Your cabinets may need a solid bar handle style to cover old holes, or they may also need new hinges. Consider refacing your cabinets to improve the overall look of the space significantly.

It is always best to consider the state of your cabinet boxes’ structural integrity before attempting any replacement. If your assessment of the kitchen cabinet boxes results in changing the boxes, then the next suggestion will be reasonably necessary.

Box Replacement

When your cabinet boxes clearly show signs that it needs replacing, start canvassing how much it may take. You can choose between particle board as a cabinet material or plywood and save up for it. Kitchen remodeling companies like Kitchen Cabinet Refacing have a variety of affordable yet durable cabinet boxes that may work well on a limited budget.

New hardware will drastically change the look of your cabinets and make them more appealing. Nevertheless, replacing hardware can be an expensive endeavor. But if you are willing to save up for it, augmenting your budget can be feasible. You can also talk to a cabinet remodeling professional through Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for a free in-home estimate. Get in contact with us at (800) 681-0694.