5 White Kitchen Cabinets That Will Never Go Out of Style

Posted on: May 27, 2022

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White kitchen cabinets have been around for decades and, quite likely, many of the white cabinets you see today will still be trendy 10, 20, or 30 years from now. While you may not see the white metal cabinets of the 60s hanging on kitchen walls these days, or the overdone white country cabinets with lots of fancy moldings and such that were once popular in suburban tract homes, there are plenty of classy white cabinet styles that are still as popular as ever.

The styles that stick around are timeless and enduring as well as versatile and easily matched with a variety of elements. In addition, most of these white kitchen cabinet styles are so classic that they’ll also likely add to the resale value of any home that’s fortunate enough to feature them.

  1. Clean, classic Shaker cabinets – If you’ve been researching white cabinets, you know that plain Shaker cabinets are just as popular as ever. That’s because you can pair them with just about anything. But to give these unadorned cabinets a bit of sophistication, consider adding gold or brass hardware for a glam look that’s ideal for a small or large room. Glass pendant lights or a crystal chandelier add a little more glitz and shine as well.
  2. Warm and welcoming traditional cabinets – Choose a very traditional style white cabinet to retain a homey feel. Consider perhaps a stained white oak or even a cream-colored option for a little less bright and a little more cozy. Keep it simple with black knobs and drawer pulls and consider some open shelving or glass doors on the top cabinets for a bit of a twist on the classic kitchen.
  3. Beachy keen – What better place for bright white kitchen cabinets than at the beach? But you don’t need to live near the ocean to choose these beachy cabinets for your refacing project. Think flat-paneled doors with sea-colored knobs and pulls paired with light oak flooring, a white quartz countertop (perhaps with some blue flecks), and a white or sea-blue backsplash. If you decide to keep the palette monochromatic, add “splashes” of color with accessories like a sea glass fruit bowl or vase.
  4. Eclectic modern – Yes, white kitchen cabinets can not only look traditional and classic but also ultra-modern. Slab-front cabinets are ideal for a versatile contemporary kitchen. No hardware is necessary but if you want to include knobs and pulls, keep them very simple and perhaps choose black for that sleek look. For a backsplash that compliments the style, choose a bright color that adds a bit of fun, like red or orange or even yellow or teal. Instead of hardwood or laminate, add an interesting tile floor to keep it current.
  5. Modern rustic – Take traditional white kitchen cabinet doors and put them on all your wall cabinets and then add traditional oak or maple cabinet doors and drawers on the bottom to achieve a farmhouse, rustic look that is super warm and cozy. Shaker cabinets or even something a little more ornate works for this look. Pair these white cabinets with a very traditional hardwood floor in the wood tone of your choosing and include a white backsplash, perhaps laid in a herringbone pattern. A few wood shelves are ideal as well and complete the picture.

It’s easy to understand why white cabinets remain as popular as ever. No matter which style you choose, as you continue with your remodel and cabinet refacing project you’ll understand how easy it is to pair these versatile cabinets with anything from luxury touches to country elements and everything in between.

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