Are White Shaker Cabinets Out of Style?

Posted on: May 23, 2022

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Shaker cabinets, thanks to their simplicity, have long been a favorite with homeowners. White Shaker cabinets have proven timeless and versatile, making them exceedingly popular with the homeowner who’s looking for something simple that will match any décor that can be found throughout the rest of the house.

But have white Shaker cabinets – or white kitchen cabinets, in general – outstayed their welcome? Do kitchen designers and homeowners think they’re out of style and are they opting for something a little more modern?

Not at all, say kitchen experts. Simple, authentic styles are always trendy and Shaker cabinets are the epitome of both. Their minimalist aesthetic allows them to fit into about any style kitchen, from very sleek and contemporary to something much more traditional.

Why else do white kitchen cabinets such as Shaker-style cabinets remain popular, especially for remodeling purposes? Well, not only are they super versatile but they also help with resale value. A home with White shaker cabinets in the kitchen represents a blank slate for perspective buyers, so they’re not worrying about having to spend lots of money up front renovating the kitchen to make it more to their taste.

Modern design trends for white Shaker cabinets

The important thing to remember is that these white kitchen cabinets do not have to remain plain or uninteresting to the eye. While plain is fine for some homeowners, others want to do a little dressing up of their cabinets. It’s easy to do so.

Try a color mix, for example. There’s nothing that says all your cabinets need to be the same color. You can have white kitchen cabinets on the top and choose an assorted color for the base cabinets. Blue is extremely popular these days as is gray. Or you can even go with something a little bolder, like red. Matchy-matchy kitchens aren’t necessary anymore, so mixing it up will make your kitchen quite trendy.

Be creative with your hardware. Normally, with white Shaker cabinets, you’ll find no hardware at all or something very, very plain. Instead of sticking with that, you can jazz things up a bit by adding hardware in a style all your own. Ceramic knobs, including those painted with a design, are ideal for country kitchens or rooms that are small and cozy. If it’s elegance you seek, look around for a colored glass knob that looks like the top of a fancy perfume bottle. Want something more modern? Tubular or flat bar pulls look ultra-sleek and their sharp and smooth edges look great with the clean lines of your white Shaker cabinets. White kitchen cabinets also look good with nickel or stainless knobs, which can match your appliances. You can even do industrial, choosing trendy, industrial chic pulls with exposed screws.

Use other elements to keep it trendy

If you’re still concerned that your choice of white kitchen cabinets is out-of-date, remember that because they’re so versatile, you can combine them with anything you want to make them look more up to date.

If you’re worried that those white Shaker cabinets look boring, consider pairing them with a patterned backsplash. Rather than opting for a plain subway tile, look for some design ideas that include plenty of color as well as a geometric pattern or something similar. It doesn’t have to be bright colors. Muted tones are fine as well.

The right countertop can also add interest to any space that includes white kitchen cabinets, whether it’s large or small. Beautiful quartz countertops, for example, may not add a lot of color but they do add visual interest, with their interesting lines and specks of gold or other colors.

You can also be creative with lighting. By adding an ornate chandelier or perhaps some bronze pendant lights, your white Shaker cabinets take on a whole fresh look. Because you have a blank slate when white kitchen cabinets are present, you can choose any lighting you wish, and it’ll match the color scheme!


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