Is it Cheaper to Reface or Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Posted on: January 7, 2023

Your cabinets are looking a bit shabby and you’re trying to decide how to proceed. You’ve looked around at home improvement stores and at kitchen specialty showrooms and you’re a little worried about the cost. You’re just not sure whether replacing is in your budget, but you’ve heard about cabinet refacing and are wondering whether that might be just what’s needed to refresh your kitchen without needing to spend a fortune.

Whether you’re considering a full kitchen remodel or just want to update your cabinets, it’s certainly worth looking into whether it’s less expensive to reface your kitchen cabinets or replace them. With a little research, you can determine cost savings as well as whether refacing is a suitable solution for you and your goals for the ideal kitchen.

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Which is right for me?

Refacing cabinets provides homeowners with an attractive, cost-effective solution that is also significantly easier than replacing. By retaining the existing frame of the cabinet and just replacing the doors and drawer fronts, you can obtain the aesthetic desired while saving both time and money when compared to starting from scratch with a new set of cabinetry. So, you’ll need to have a kitchen expert check your current cabinet boxes to determine that they will still hold up for years to come. If that’s the case, refacing will be a good option.

However, if the existing frames are in disrepair, are warped or have water damage, or do not meet today’s modern standards for design and function, replacing your kitchen cabinets may be the best route of action. Furthermore, if you want to change the layout of your kitchen, you’ll need to go with replacement simply because you’ll need to totally gut the kitchen to achieve the new design.

If you’re concerned about waste and protecting the environment, refacing may be your preferred option. By saving and re-using your current cabinet boxes, a lot less wood and other materials will wind up in the landfill. When you demolish your kitchen for a total rebuild, the waste is substantial. As such, homeowners concerned about reducing their carbon footprint often opt for refacing over replacing.

Will refacing be cheaper?

So, if you reface kitchen cabinets rather than replace them, will you save money?

Though it’s impossible to quote figures without thoroughly inspecting and measuring your cabinets, the answer is a pretty definite “yes”. Data on kitchen remodels shows that homeowners who opt for cabinet refacing over cabinet replacements save an average of 30-50 percent in costs. That could potentially reduce your remodeling costs from $20,000 to $10,000, for example. It also leaves more money for you to spend on other things that you thought perhaps would be difficult to afford, including countertops, appliances, backsplashes, floors, and lighting.

If you’ve chosen to replace your cabinets, it’s important to understand that purchasing new cabinets could eat up a good portion of your remodeling budget, especially if your kitchen is large. Depending on the style you choose, the material it’s made of, and any customizations you opt for, cabinets could account for as much as 40-50 percent of your budget. That severely cuts your remaining budget for all the other parts of the kitchen remodel.

How can I get an accurate quote?

If you’ve decided that it’s a wise idea to reface kitchen cabinets in your home instead of replace them, then it’s time to find a company that can do it well and also give you the best quote available.

Not all kitchen contractors are the same. Some have a lot of experience with total kitchen remodels but don’t really have refacing experiences. Other companies, like, specialize in refacing in particular. It’s this kind of company that can accurately provide a price quote for refacing.

In addition, they can offer you a wealth of products to choose from so that you can achieve the look you want, whether it’s ultra-contemporary, quaint country, super traditional or anything in between. The experts at can also help you adhere to your remodeling budget so that your renovation project is stress-free and won’t leave you strapped for cash.

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