5 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid this 2022

Posted on: July 10, 2022

Designing your kitchen on your own can be challenging and, at the same time, exciting. As the kitchen plays a vital role in your property, any poor kitchen planning will significantly impact how things will turn up. Homeowners often consider hiring kitchen designers or renovators to spice things up and achieve their dream kitchen. Some look for sources where they can hire experts who offer kitchen cabinet refacing Irvine.
In this article, we will help you avoid errors. Here are the five common kitchen design mistakes to avoid this 2022.


Area Planning

We are only in the middle of the year, and some of you might already be thinking of how to turn your kitchen into something more beneficial for the coming months or years. If you are thinking of the same, one mistake you should not make is poor planning of the whole area. Don’t just suggest everything out and expect to have a great result, especially if this is your first time planning a kitchen renovation. Rethink twice or thrice. Ask for guidance and seek expert advice. Never buy things impulsively; in this way, you don’t have to resell anything at a lower price when things do not go your way.

Not Knowing How the Kitchen Will Function for You

Most of the time, homeowners see the need to remodel their kitchens. When doing so, they sometimes think it is okay to leave all the jobs to a remodeling agency. While this is not a sin, it is a common mistake you must avoid. This is because you need to get involved in whatever update you want in your space to achieve precise and better results. Not knowing how the kitchen will function for you will only upset you in the future. A good space should be able to cater to anyone’s needs.

Ignoring the Work Triangle

The work triangle is one of the major principles in kitchen design, referring to your fridge, stove, and sink. The rule is that you should be able to move safely without moving these components. You must also prepare your meals, handle other tasks, and wash all the dishes without worrying. When designing a kitchen, ignoring the work triangle may not help you in the long run since this can create chaos in your everyday routine.

Choosing the Wrong Lights

Sometimes your room can become dull not because you designed it poorly, but because you have chosen the wrong lights. Provided that you have selected them because of their aesthetics, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will serve their purpose well. A light needs to be broad, far-reaching, and full. Don’t choose something too bright for you since this can also be harsh, especially if your space is not well ventilated. Remember to get a good design that will benefit you. This also applies when choosing the right light for your area.

Making a Crowded Space

The kitchen does not need to be minimal in design, but it does not mean you can create one with a lot of stuff in mind. Not all appliances need to be in your space. Remember to acquire what you only need. You can let go of other things as long as it does not serve their purpose well. Your kitchen island should be neat and clean so that dirt will not be stuck. Regular cleaning is also required. Since you are designing your dream kitchen, keep in mind to check how you hoard things since you can unconsciously make a crowded kitchen. When things get out of hand and your space lack storage, you can opt for a kitchen cabinet refacing Riverside where they can modify your cabinets according to your needs and preference.

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