Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Door Style – Things To Consider

Posted on: December 12, 2018

Kitchen cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen – thus, it takes knowledge and understanding of your household needs to be able to find the one that suits best.

As it is one of the most important design pieces in your kitchen space, kitchen cabinet door style and handles are part of the overall look. In choosing, kitchen cabinet door style is one essential factor and here are some things to consider.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style – Choose a Profile

As these are the most visible elements in your kitchen, narrow down your choices on a door profile.

There are three major types of kitchen cabinet doors – they are a recessed panel, raised panel and flat or slab panel. Each style has its own unique quality that can provide elegance and sophistication in your kitchen. It will help transform your kitchen and get that stunning look you have always dreamed of creating. For each of these types, they are suitable for different kinds of kitchen setup.

Recessed panel doors are frequently known for their shaker style; they are well-recognized for having that shabby look, one you could always relate to a farmhouse look. They are perfect imagery for creating sophisticated kitchens which can be customized depending on your own design preference.

Flat, slab doors are the more practical option for those who opt for a modern look. If you want your kitchen to have a contemporary design, this kitchen door cabinet style matches the requirement. The slab door’s smooth and slick design offers neat look – it emits radiant and classy vibe especially when you mix it with a high-gloss finish.

Try recessed square style for its simplicity with a tinge of complex design at the edges.

Know Your Budget

The style is frequently decided upon by the budget and the door profile you have in mind. See samples and take photos of your top picks and decide which ones would be the most practical buy.

Function and Organization

You’ve decided the style and finish for your cabinets but delve deeper into how you would manage the space and maximize it. Which parts of your kitchen should stick together and where should your kitchen cupboards be. Think about whether you should buy more drawers than countertops or shelves then add a bit of texture with decorative doors.

Build and buy kitchen cabinet doors depending on how you see your family growing and how their use in the future.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Style: Color and Finishing

There are a lot of kitchen cabinet door styles to choose from. There are so many colors and finish that could instantly bring a lot of pizazz on your kitchen cupboards. It all depends on the overall look you would like to achieve. There are traditional styles with a glossy finish and a touch of nature. There are woodgrain styles in natural wood colors if you want to stick with a relaxing vibe of an epic country cottage. If you want a timeless piece but still want to go minimalistic, high gloss and flat panels in bright color shades would be a hit! Make it a bit modern with hand painted cabinet doors with the consistent finish and majestic feel.

Hire Kitchen Cabinet Experts

There are kitchen cabinet refacing contractors out there who can provide you with high-quality output with their color-matching service, thematic kitchen design inspirations and luxurious treatments, ensuring consistency in style and color.

They can also help you have a more detailed approach. With the above-mentioned things you need to consider, you will be armed when the time comes for you to update the looks of the kitchen cabinets for your home.

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