Key Ideas in Achieving a Transitional Kitchen

Posted on: November 7, 2022

The key to a transitional kitchen is a careful blend of the traditional and the modern. You want to maintain the classic design’s warm and welcoming feeling but use modern elements and materials where they belong. This style is not for the inexperienced but can be learned, as careful consideration is needed to make it work.

The common characteristics of this trending kitchen theme can be summed up as clean and relaxed. Though it also holds on to the “less is more” mantra often used in a Minimalist kitchen, it leans towards the kitchen space as a breathing room. Suppose you are someone who is currently looking for a kitchen theme to stick with; try to consider a transitional kitchen. With the help of a design professional, you can help you achieve this look. Here are essential ideas to complete one.

Neutral colors

A transitional kitchen is often open to the living room and features a color scheme of light and neutral colors. Its neutral color scheme makes it easy to incorporate metal accents into the room and is an excellent choice for cabinetry, with light to medium shades. Cabinets can also be painted wood-grain and still match the color scheme. Many transitional kitchen cabinets also have matte decorative hardware and recessed panels.

Textured tile work

Creating a transitional kitchen requires careful consideration of the details because the goal is to combine disparate design elements to complement each other. Subway tiles such as backsplashes are a favorite for this kitchen theme. Mosaic and glass tiles vary in size and designs work too. But homeowners are advised to be careful not to overdo the details and detract from the overall effect of the design. Too much detail will only detract from the design and undermine the philosophy of moderation.

Quartzite Backsplashes

Quartzite is a stone that is harder than granite but has a marble-like appearance that works stunningly for transitional kitchens. This type of natural stone is engineered from rocks resulting in highly resistant slabs (to heat and scratches). It is also extremely durable and can be used for your kitchen backsplash. The material is also relatively inexpensive, as you will spend less per square foot than on tile. And, unlike traditional tiles, quartzite backsplashes can be finished at the store, so there is no need to worry about getting the job done correctly.

Simple Cabinetry

Also known as shaker-style cabinets, this classic and clean look of simple cabinets will never go out of style. They embody the design philosophy “less is more” because of the clean lines and minimal details and are a practical choice for a transitional kitchen.

The transitional kitchen style allows a homeowner to use elements of several different types to create a unique, customized space. One of the first steps in this style is choosing a style of cabinetry that is neutral in color. This is because transitional kitchens often feature different cabinet hardware and materials.

Rustic Furniture

With kitchen remodeling companies and home depots where you can look for furniture, go for the rustic ones. Rustic-style furniture keeps the balance in the kitchen area, focusing on the main kitchen fixtures. This furniture will make it easier for homeowners to upgrade the kitchen look if they wish to decorate it based on seasons.


Transitional kitchens are easy to achieve. It only takes enough research and basic materials to set it up. Also, with the help of professional designers from your trusted kitchen remodeling designers and companies, your dream kitchen is just a call away.

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