Repurposing Ideas for Old Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: July 19, 2022

When a certain number of years have passed, some parts of our home tend to deteriorate. Rooms with cabinets, especially the kitchen, often show wear and tear. And then, instead of throwing them out after purchasing a new set of cabinetry through the Kitchen Cabinet Refacing team, we think of ways on how we can still use our old cabinets.
Fortunately, there are so many possibilities when it comes to repurposing old kitchen cupboards. So, continue reading, and you’ll be in for many ideas on repurposing and giving new functions to your old cabinets.

Donate to a Nearby Community

This may be one of the easiest ways to repurpose old cubbies. If you’re in a rush and do not like to think of other ways to use old cabinets, you can donate them without or with countertops. Some organizations can give you a tax receipt for the estimated amount you presented. Giving to organizations is good for the environment and helps the community where you belong.

Entryway Bench

A bench seat in your entryway? Why not! Receiving guests and making them sit comfortably can be done with old cabinets. You can also have the lower parts as a functional storage space. Put it against a window for easy access. Besides being practical, a bench seat also saves you play in the dining room. Upper kitchen cabinets can be repurposed into a window seat or an electronic storage console in the living room.

Wall Art

Old kitchen cabinets make great wall decors. You can sand them, add primer and paint, then stencil a favorite saying or quote on them. You can even turn them into functional artsy furniture, such as a mail holder and key hook. Old cabinets also make for beautiful and elegant picture frames!

Custom Desks

If you have ample space in your house, you can also repurpose old kitchen cabinets for other areas of your home. Turn them into a custom work desk, a shoe cubby, a console table, or a coffee nook for a hallway. You can even move them into a garage or basement. Upcycling your kitchen cabinets will allow you to create more storage space and save money.

Bed for Cats and Dogs

There are many ways to repurpose an old cabinet for people who love cats and dogs. A kitty litter cabinet is a fun option for those with a cat or a dog house for the love of dogs.
Doors to Functional Boards
Another great repurposing idea for old kitchen cabinets is to recycle their doors. The doors can serve as trays for your house gathering events and space-filling jewelry organizers. You can even turn them into a chess or Lego board for your kids. The sky is the limit.
There are so many ways to use old kitchen cabinet boxes and parts. There’s no reason not to. So, get creative and take advantage of these repurposing ideas for old kitchen cubbies.

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