Tips for Incorporating Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors (Infographic)

Posted on: February 19, 2020

The sleek look and transparent property of glass make it an excellent material to reinforce a kitchen design. Also used for backsplashes, glasses are usually applied to provide some glossiness and visual exposure to the contents of kitchen cabinets.

The use of glass in manufacturing cupboards led to the development of glass-front cabinets. With its ability to reflect light, it can easily become the center of attention or the focal point.

Are you planning to install new kitchen cabinets, then you should consider having one with glass kitchen cabinet doors! Here are some of the tips for introducing this design to your home:

Tips for Incorporating Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

1. Go for Frameless Glass-Front Cabinets

If you’re opting for a touch of contemporary kitchen style, you can have your cabinets custom-made with frameless glass fronts. With its smooth surface and capability to expand storage, rest assured that this glass cabinet door will take your kitchen’s functionality to the next level.

2. Spice up Your Glass-Front Cupboards with Paint

This design is also a frameless one, with a twist. The glass part of the cabinets can be painted at the backside to improve glossiness with a color of choice. Heavy-duty paint is required to get this job done to avoid any imperfection in the result.

3. Look for Some Decorative Glass Options

Glass fronts for cabinets can be available in varying patterns and finishes. Be sure to consider decorating the surface of your glass cabinets as it could give some sense of distinction or uniqueness to your design. One of the most popular decorative glass nowadays is seeded glass, where the glass-front has little air pockets that provide a textured appearance. Ask your kitchen cabinet installer if they can provide decorative glass-fronts and in case they don’t, you can still order their cupboards with empty door frames and purchase the glass to another company that offers what you need.

4. Try Picture-Window Cabinets

Looking for ways to brighten up your kitchen? By far, the most effective method would be installing picture-window cabinets. As seen in the image, these cabinets enable the sight outside your home to be the center of attention together with the stored kitchen. The glass between the front and back panels allows the sunlight to flow through.

5. Sliding Glass Doors

You can exhibit the classical aspect of your kitchen by having upper cabinets with sliding glass doors. A well-known option during the 70s, a pair of glass sheets can be installed on two recessed tracks to enable moving back and forth as doors.

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