Ways to Achieve Transitional Kitchen Design Through Cabinet Refacing

Posted on: December 26, 2018

If you’re the type who wants the midway between traditional kitchen design and modern one –a transitional kitchen might be the best choice. A transitional kitchen can give you the comfort of modern ones while trying to evoke your traditional aesthetic. The debate has become a staple topic recently. Who would want to miss the warmth offered by the traditional kitchen but also experience the simplicity, sleekness while serving more breathing space that contemporary ones provide?

Transitional Kitchen Design Through Cabinet Refacing

To combine and balance the elements of traditional and modern designs to establish a unique kitchen –that’s what transitional kitchen is all about! The goal is to have a great space that will make it bigger and more open. So, here are the ways to achieve transitional kitchen design through cabinet refacing.

Pick Semi-custom Cabinets

Choose the kitchen cabinet design that can go either modern or traditional. Try Shaker style cabinets but do not limit yourself with just one door style.

Mix old and new elements

One of the foundations of transitional kitchen design is the synergy of natural and manufactured designs. Achieve fantastic fusion by mixing stone surfaces for your kitchen cabinet design and mix them with metallic appliances. It will give your kitchen space an Old-World feel but with a bit of modern beauty. Try out some rustic cutting boards hanging on the walls. For a traditional look, get a floor rug to match your kitchen cabinet style.

Simplicity Works Best

Moderate the use of your decoration. It is essential to use accessories for specific areas so that your kitchen space will look elegant and current but don’t overdo it. Do not go with fuzzy designs. Instead, get it done with patterns and displays. Simple accents – maybe small crown molding or corbels and wainscoting should do.

Mix it up with a Splash of Colors

Use a clash of colors that would be a good mix of warm and bright to achieve the transitional kitchen vibe for your kitchen cabinets. Refacing your cabinets with the correct color – contrasting hues rather than neutral colors; that would help set certain items off from others.

Try light colors and accentuate them with streaks of dark ones. To make your china pop out, use vibrant colors for your cabinet design. Add life to your kitchen by bringing in flowers and some ornaments. Neutral colors will make tuxedo cabinets or kitchen islands on different colors.

Go for eclectic – neutral colors can be diverse and are available in any hue. Pink, green, blue and charcoal shades, they’re all in.

Get Frenzy with Textures

Diversify the textural features on your space if you’re using a neutral palette of beiges, browns and soft grays. Mix and match with the right amount of high-gloss and matte surfaces to add some spark and make it easier on the eye. Stay away from elaborate edge styles and stick with a classic bevel edge but bring in more texture for the surface of your kitchen cabinets. Keep your kitchen interesting by matching your cool cupboards and countertops with caramel-colored textured tile backsplash.

Mix and Match with Embellishments

Do not forget to match your kitchen cabinet style with the right cabinet hardware, accessories, and light fixtures. Move versatile lighting and stay away from those that would make your kitchen look old-fashioned.

Use the Unexpected

Test the waters with some items that might look unexpected. Rather than using common wood panels, you might want to use chalkboard designs for your cabinet doors.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you as you try to achieve transitional kitchen design using cabinet refacing. Surely, you will be able to flaunt the sleek and elegant feel of your kitchen space to your friends.

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