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What’s the difference between refinishing, refacing, and resurfacing? (Infographic)

Posted on: March 28, 2019

  So, you made some noticeable improvements to your kitchen. You already had your countertops replaced, repainted your walls, and even your flooring looks a lot different from before. Everything seems like new again except that old cupboard of yours. Kitchen cabinets are not just mere storage areas. They also give some sense of personality …

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How to Organize Kitchen cabinets

Posted on: March 26, 2019

  As the primary source of the needed space for storage, it is only reasonable to keep those kitchen cabinets of yours some careful organizing every once in a while. Many people often leave their cupboards unclean and full of random stuff that makes it like swirling chaos of entropy over time. And as a …

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Different Kitchen Cabinet Door Types and Styles (Infographic)

Posted on: March 21, 2019

  One part that makes a kitchen cabinet a sight to behold is the door. Since it exposes most of the exterior of the cupboard, the doors are considered to be the most customizable component of kitchen cabinets up to date. Turning a cabinet door into something that suits your taste as well as your …

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Tips for Picking Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: March 19, 2019

  Kitchen cabinets will always play its part to be the primary provider of space needed to securely store some of your most delicate kitchen tools. From your vintage plate collection, glass jars, cooking pans, etc. It’s quite hard to imagine a kitchen without some cupboards on it. While most cabinets are so durable that …

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Specifications of a Standard Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: March 14, 2019

  Kitchen cabinets provide the arguably one of the most vital functions of any kitchen which is to provide space for storage. For those of you who might be planning to do some kitchen renovation, it is very important to consider what kind of cabinet your kitchen should have. From its appearance, features, size, dimension, …

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4 Kitchen Items You’re Probably Storing the Wrong Way

Posted on: March 12, 2019

  Other than preparing your daily meals, another defining purpose of the kitchen is to store tools or items in order to keep them usable for as long as possible. Since the kitchen has been known to be the busiest part of most households, some of the things stored in the kitchen tend to degrade …

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Anatomy of a Good Quality Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: March 7, 2019

  Kitchen cabinets play a vital role in the overall function of a kitchen. It provides the necessary space for dishes and other cooking tools that can be too fragile to be simply stored anywhere else. Moreover, a high-quality cabinet can potentially bring a wide variety of benefits. This is why it is essential for …

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4 Innovations that Changed the Kitchen Industry Forever

Posted on: March 5, 2019

  For the past years, science has made several breakthroughs that made our day-to-day lives easier and much more convenient. This statement tends to prove itself in almost every aspect of life, even in our household, especially the kitchen. During the pre-historic era, people used to cook their meals on a fire they made using …

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinet (Infographic)

Posted on: February 26, 2019

  Practicality is perhaps the best benefit that kitchen cabinet refacing services can offer. It allows a minor kitchen renovation that brings quite a lot of changes to the aesthetic quality of your cooking area. When it comes in kitchen cabinet refacing, customer’s satisfaction is very important and is considered as top priority. On the …

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Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It?

Posted on: February 19, 2019

  The kitchen serves an integral part to a well-established household. This is where we spend most of our time eating, cooking, and doing other important chores.  While most may neglect to maintain its overall appearance, one simple way of regaining the former beauty of your kitchen is through a process called cabinet refacing. This …

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